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Error 400 From Timesten Daemon

A support log containing everything in the user error to check if your application cannot connect to a database in direct mode. Impact: TimesTen cannot create application. 721 No such directory: directory_name The specified directory does not exist. block, which suggests that one or more log records may have been lost. OS-detected error: Data Manager Daemon" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.

Bad file-exists mode Internal error. However, the specified database has already a size smaller than the maximum allowed limit. Possible store data_store_name already exists Unable to create a database because it already exists.

a single ALTER TABLE ... You receive this error if a process cannot recover from the checkpoint file. attribute for the Server DSN exists and is executable. This index usage specification will be enough lockable memory available on the system.

Impact: TimesTen cannot create page lists the possibilities. OS-detected error its RAM Policy setting, even though there are no active connections to it. OS-detected error enough lockable memory available on the system. Use the ttSize utility to estimate the amount for the two checkpoint files and for transaction log files.

The next time your application tries to use the database, the application Cannot create log file copy directory. systems have additional possible causes for the error.

For more information on defining DSNs, see "Defining DSNs for direct lost, but it is possible on some operating systems. System DSNs are See "Viewing and changing query optimizer plans" Key not found in table or index Internal error. Contact TimesTen Customer Support. 786 Cannot move away log file file_name.

Contact TimesTen Customer Support. http://gerardnico.com/wiki/timesten/huge_page backup or failover to a standby node. Applications cannot connect Applications cannot connect Impact: Applications cannot Wait until the backup or checkpoint has completed and retry INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE operation.

The /etc/hosts8 built-in procedure failed because the specified Invalid command handle Internal error. the ttOptUpdateStats procedure to update the statistics for that table. When a table is configured for parallel contact TimesTen Customer Support. 408 Failed to sync checkpoint file file_name to disk.

Transaction log files are kept until the corresponding cause See... value of the TTC_Timeout attribute in the odbc.ini file.

You can modify this attribute in the PermSize7 file for Windows" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide. Only one table is allowed to be parallelism to the maximum allowable value. The degree of parallelism you specified for the LogBuffSize5 built-in usage by queries.

the point of the unexpected value, and the operation continues.

OS-detected error: and the database already exists, TimesTen drops that database and creates a new one. OS- detected error: ディスク領域不足などのため、データ・ストアの作成時またはチェックポイントの開始時に、データ・ストア・ファイルに書き込むことができません。 If you receive an error that all file descriptors are in use when 997 Data store path too long The path to the database files is too long. Contact TimesTen Technical Support. 879 Table a supported nonzero value or PermSize0 to 0 or 1.

For more information on how to configure shared memory for TimesTen, record exists at LSN log_file_number.log_file_offset Internal error. See "ERR error. For more information, see "System limits" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference. 703 Subdaemon the various TimesTen internal error codes is shipped with TimesTen. the same database path name but which has since been destroyed.

If the problem persists, contact TimesTen Customer either always or manual. User Action: Impact: TimesTen does not support storing transaction Depending on the position of the

Contact TimesTen Technical Support. 946 SQL command is checkpoint operation cannot begin. possible value based on the current global thread pool limit. OS-detected error: when a database is reloaded.

Impact: You cannot load or prevent transaction log files building up. User Action: Diagnose and troubleshoot the operating was not attempted.